Photon Lambda-variable

also: Photon $ \Lambda$-variable

Consider CRE-filtered beam passing through CRE. When the experimental resolution is high enough, the passed-through beam splits in two beams. Under this condition, a filter can be mounted to select one of both beams. The filtered beam is analyzed by detector for the orientation of its second quantization axis.

We are interested about the orientation of the second quantization axes of both split beams.

Two outcomes are experimentaly observed. In one of them, both beams have second quantization axes along the CRE Y-axis. In the other, one of the beams has second quantization axis along theY -axis, and the other beam has it in opposite direction. Which one outcome is realized does not depend of CRE orientation, but only of Its Lambda-parameter.

In the experimental setup the CRE is consecutively replaced by CREs with different Lambda-parameters. In effect, we can think about one CRE with variable Lambda -parameter. The second quantization axes of the two split beams are monitored as a function of the Lambda-parameter.

Image image002

The experiment shows that the second quantization axes are anti-parallel always when the Lambda-parameter of the CRE is less than one determined characteristic value, and parallel always when it is greater than this value. Hence this characteristic value is an attribute of the photons of the CRE-filtered beam.

Define this characteristic value as photon Lambda-variable for the photons from the CRE-filtered beam.


May 24, 2006
Author: T Kirilov