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Most of the known crystals - about 90%, are optically biaxial and can be used for CREs. We use an assortment of crystals with orthorhombic and monoclinic symmetry. Among them is KBiW with conicity of 16.2mrad and lack of optical activity. KBiW predominates our initial production.

Our standard CREs are specified by their cross-sectional size and Lambda-parameter. We offer three cross-sectional sizes and Lambda-parameter in the range from 50μm to 500μm.

Optionally we offer CREs doped with Nd3+ and/or antireflective coatings.

As custom design order we are able to create tandem of CREs with precisely equaled Lambda-parameters, Lambda-mismatch less than 0.01μm.


  • Generation of light beam with stable orbital angular momentum per photon
  • Entanglement exploiting the orbital angular momentum of photons
  • Bessel light beam converters
  • Optical micromanipulation
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Educational kit: "Light beam with 4 fixed photon orbital angular momenta"


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